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Gospel Keys Easy Giveaway Gospel Keys Easy Giveaway! We are excited to announce a special opportunity for our dedicated Gospel Keys Easy community! When you purchase any of our courses listed on this page, you will receive exclusive access to four additional incredible courses and stem tracks of a stunning overture music piece. This is the perfect chance […]

Piano Chords, Chord Progressions For Beginners

Gospel Keys Easy brings to you OVERNIGHT TRANSFORMATION. This is a fully structured piano course for the beginner to intermediate level piano player. If you already play the piano at the beginner level and you would like to improve on your playing skills, then this package is what you need. This course is packed with […]

Slash Chords

What are slash chords? The simplest definition of a slash chord is “a triad over a bass note” For the purpose of this lesson, we are going to look at major triads over a bass note. You might know that there are 12 major triads. Playing these triads respectively over a particular note on the […]

Melodic Minor Scale and Its Modes Part Two

In our previous lesson about the melodic minor scale, (which can be found here) we treated two modes The 1st degree mode which is the melodic minor The 4th degree mode which is the lydian dominant In this post, we will be discussing another mode of the melodic minor scale – The 3rd degree mode […]

Deceptive Resolutions

The definition of functional harmony submits that dominant chords point towards tonic and that other chords progress to particular places that ultimately lead back to the tonic. While playing the piano we observe that progressions move in 2-5-1 mode A major 2-5-1 or A minor 2-5-1 Example let’s look at a Major ii-v-i in the […]

Devices In Improvisation

Passing Tones: These are the diatonic and chromatic steps between the essential tones. In a chord, diatonic notes are the passing tones. For example, a C Major triad which is C E G; the passing tones are be D F A and B. In a scale, the chromatic notes are the passing tones. For example, […]

Improvisation Over Major 7th Chords

For the purpose of this lesson we will be making use of the C Major 7 chord, which is C E G B One technique about making good improvisations is coined from pairings… We are going to look at 3 pairings that will aid us in improvising over a CMajor7 chord First pair 1major 7 […]

How To Learn All 12 Keys On the Piano

Learning all 12 keys on Piano is not as hard as musicians make it seem. Many musicians refuse to learn all 12 keys because they probably think it is a waste of practice time or it is such a difficult task. What Learning All 12 Keys on Piano Is Not It is not about learning […]

The Gospel Musician Piano Foundation Course

Here is the foundations course curriculum: 1 FUNDAMENTALS Introduction What Is A Piano Differences Between Piano, Organ & Keyboard The Keys of The Piano Note Names How To Quickly Find Notes Piano Terminologies Intervals & Distances The Tonic Solfa Scales: Major, Minor, Relative Minor Introduction To Number System Bonus Video Bonus Exercises 2 FINGER EXERCISES […]

The Ravenscroft 275 Piano Sample Library

The Ravenscroft 275 Virtual Piano It is a deeply sampled piano library that greatly reproduces the tone and play-ability of the Ravenscroft 275 Grand Piano. Personally, I have tried most of the piano libraries out there and none of them comes close to the VI Labs Ravenscroft 275. It is very enjoyable to play. As […]