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Piano Chords, Chord Progressions For Beginners

Gospel Keys Easy brings to you OVERNIGHT TRANSFORMATION.

This is a fully structured piano course for the beginner to intermediate level piano player. If you already play the piano at the beginner level and you would like to improve on your playing skills, then this package is what you need.

This course is packed with enough information (including new piano chords) for every beginner to get to the intermediate level and for the intermediate level player to improve on their skills and become even better at playing the piano.

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If you like some gospel chord reharmonizations, then this is what you get from OVERNIGHT TRANSFORMATION. There are 7 different songs in this package that show you the simple way to play these songs as well as the advanced way to play them.

Piano Chords

If you play basic chords then you will be getting new piano chords to spice up your playing. Below is a promotional video of OVERNIGHT TRANSFORMATION as well as what you get when you get a copy of this powerful piano course.


  • 9GB Files Size | 50+ Files | 35+ Videos | MP3 Play-along Files | MIDI Files | Study Mode Videos
  • How to play smooth worship chords
  • What sounds to set and mix on your keyboard
  • Learn how to do Chord Inversions
  • Chord Progressions & Powerful REHARMONISATIONtechniqies For 7 DIFFERENT Songs
  • How to turn BASIC chords into fantastic sounding chords
  • Super-powerful, Simple SECRET To Learning how to play on ALL Keys REVEALED
  • Introduction to ditones
  • Learn how to play chords with your left hand
  • How to hold chords when playing with a bassist
  • How to sound full when you are not playing with a bassist
  • How to use the melody of a song to add interesting Melodic Fills to your playing
  • Learn simple everyday practice routines to strengthen your fingers & improve your playing from today

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