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How To Learn All 12 Keys On the Piano

Learning all 12 keys on Piano is not as hard as musicians make it seem. Many musicians refuse to learn all 12 keys because they probably think it is a waste of practice time or it is such a difficult task.

What Learning All 12 Keys on Piano Is Not

  • It is not about learning all chords on all 12 keys all over again
  • It is not as difficult as you might think

Learning all 12 keys on the Piano will actually make your playing skills improve because you will no longer be limited by being able to think in only one key.

You will be able to get creative because you understand how every key relates to one another

The Formula to Start Learning How to Play All 12 Keys

  • Learn the major scale of the new key
  • Start doing finger exercises on the new key
  • Start playing simple chord progressions in the new key
  • Start playing simple songs in the new key
  • If you are a church musician, transpose all of Sunday songs to the key you are learning
  • Do this for one month and you would have learnt a new key
  • Rinse and repeat for other keys

How Long Does It Take to Learn All 12 Keys?

Learning how to play all keys is actually fun and it should not be seen as a chore so it is not really about how long; it is about having fun and improving your skills in the process.

Ideally it should take you one month to learn and master one key and 11 months to master all keys that are not your best key; assuming you play in only one key.

The No More Transpose Course

This is a comprehensive video course that shows you all you need to learn all 12 keys the easy way. This course also comes complete with 2 performances (including play-along MP3 tracks) to help you master the new key.

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