Gospel Piano Masterclass Xtreme

Gospel Piano Masterclass Xtreme


Gospel Piano Masterclass Xtreme includes:

  • 14 Chapters of highly detailed information on 14 core gospel Piano concepts
  • Over 8 HOURS of 1080p HD Video Footage (~20GB download)
  • Play-along files
  • Designed for intermediate to advanced level players

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  • Chapter 1: Chord Progressions & Chord Substitutions
  • Chapter 2: How to Make Chords Sound Nice
  • Chapter 3: Passing Tones & Formulas
  • Chapter 4: Infinite chord progressions
  • Chapter 5: How to End A Song
  • Chapter 6: Major 7th Chords 
  • Chapter 7: Worship Techniques
  • Chapter 8: Ditone Mastery
  • Chapter 9: Tritones Mastery
  • Chapter 10: Drop 2 Chords
  • Chapter 11: Diminished Chords Mastery
  • Chapter 12: Simple Soloing Techniques
  • Chapter 13: Melodic Fills Mastery
  • Chapter 14: Introduction To Neo Soul 

11 reviews for Gospel Piano Masterclass Xtreme

  1. terrell jones

    Would love more in depth for all levels but this was great

  2. Dozie Nwachukwu

    It was awesome as it unlocked a new realm of my playing.

  3. Phil Yang

    The concepts and voicings a presented in this series are great. Definitely worth it if you want to learn variations, progressions, formulas and gospel voicings. The video quality is great.

  4. Loren

    SO MANY 2-5-1s!! I’ve watched the whole series multiple times. The second chapter I’m still notating and transposing. I work so I can do this at my own pace. Love it!

  5. Anonymous

    Amazing Course.

  6. Anthony Grainger

    The course is an excellent course for individuals who want to learn to play for church. It has excellent content.

  7. Malik Alkabir

    Always helpful information

  8. Anonymous

  9. Samuel Nwanze

    this course has really transformed my skills. thanks

  10. Terry Wells (verified owner)

    Very easy to follow. Great teacher

  11. Olusayo A. (verified owner)

    As an intermediate player looking to get to the next level, I find this material very helpful already, and I am only still on 1/10th of the material!

    The video quality and clarity of content are second to none. It is cool to start sounding like pros that i have always aspired to sound like. Thanks!

    • jobakb (store manager)

      Thank you for the nice feedback. Glad the material has been of help

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