The Gospel Musician Growth Accelerator Course
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The Gospel Musician Growth Accelerator Course

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Are you a musician with a burning desire to improve your skills? Would you like to know exactly what you should be spending your precious time practicing? Do you have questions like the following?

  • I am a beginner/intermediate musician. How can I improve my skills?
  • What should I be practicing on the Piano? I am often not sure what to do.
  • I have been practicing but I am not really improving; what am I doing wrong?
  • I have been playing for many years but I am not improving; what can I do?
  • I really want to improve; which course is good for me?

This is the course that answers all these questions.

Learn about the SEASONS SECRET and discover how to start practicing with clarity and confidence…

What You Get

  • 37 videos, Over 8 HOURS videos footage
  • 20-Chapter Course, 7+ Bonus Videos + My Musician Journey Explained
  • Several practice routine templates for beginner to advanced musicians
  • Learn the most important finger exercises, scales, modes, chords, progressions, moves, runs, etc
  • Ear training lessons
  • Mindset shaping classes and advice to help musicians develop the right mindset and attitude towards practice & skills development
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1 review for The Gospel Musician Growth Accelerator Course

  1. Richard H Buchanan (verified owner)

    Goskeyseasy Accelerator course is complete WITHOUT a lot of fluff that interrupts learning. True to its name, “Accelerator.” Begin with simple sounding melodies and chords that are easy for your fingers to command, to advanced sounding melodies and extended chords that invite more fingers to the party; bringing more color and flavor to your music. It’s like learning to cook scrambled eggs and graduating to making flavorful omelets with more tasty ingredients.

    • Oluwajoba (store manager)

      Thanks for the lovely, detailed review 😀

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