It’s Done (Anita Wilson) – Full Breakdown Package

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Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced

What You Get

  • Full HD Video Footages
  • Download + Online Streaming Available
  • Full playback of song cover
  • 1 hour of DETAILED breakdown of all chords, progressions, licks and runs
  • Slow motion version of the playing
  • Super slow motion version of the playing for relaxed picking of chords
  • MIDI File for detailed analyses of all chords, licks and runs
  • *PDF Score Sheet for those who sight-play
  • *Bonus (Free MP3 Cover Track)
  • MP3 Play Along File for practice
  • Learn how to spice up your chords using a simple trick

Benefits Of This Breakdown Package

  • This lesson package is great for intermediate and advanced keyboard players
  • Learn how to play It’s Done by Anita Wilson
  • Special section reveals secrets to spicing up your playing
  • Learn how to play chords with your left hand
  • Improve your chord vocabulary
  • Learn new chord progressions
  • Learn how to improve left hand | right hand in-dependency
  • Learn Popular Gospel Chords
  • Improve Your Playing Skills
  • Learn How To Play Advanced Keyboard Chords, Licks & Runs

To Get This VIdeo Lesson

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Already Done (Anita Wilson) – Full Breakdown Package

Transform your playing – Get the full video breakdown lesson now

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