Gospel Musician Key-Finding Mastery Course

Gospel Musician Key-Finding Mastery Course


If you are a musician that struggles with finding the singer’s key very quickly then this course is going to show you exactly how to find the singer’s key in JUST TWO [2] SECONDS.

This course is tightly packed with all the tools you need to become a pro at finding singers’ key very quickly.

What You Get

  • 16 videos, ~2 HOURS+ videos footage
  • Highly detailed & practical ear training tutorials & exercises
  • Learn & See how to find singer’s key within 2 seconds [with SEVERAL examples]
  • Learn and master the tonic solfege (with simple to advanced tonic solfa exercises)
  • Learn how to quickly find notes PLUS how to quickly find the TONIC
  • Learn how to quickly learn all 12 keys
  • Bonus key-finding tutorials for beginner musicians
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