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Musician, Internet Entrepreneur, Music Producer, Creative Designer

About Oluwajoba, founder & instructor - Gospel Keys Easy & GKETC

Oluwajoba is a self-taught Keyboardist who started learning how to play the keyboard at the age of 8 in his home town in Ijebu Ode (Nigeria). He learnt how to play songs using single notes on the Keyboard and within a few months of doing this, he was able to play over 40 songs using single notes. He soon figured out how to play chords and started practising to ‘Kids Praise’ songs. 

He had an organ chord book which he used to learn a lot of chords. Fast-forward over 22 years after, he has become a professional and seasoned gospel Keyboardist.

Oluwajoba started Gospel Keys Easy in the yer 2010 on a Google Blogger website. He had a strong passion for helping gospel musicians who might be struggling to improve on their skills

Oluwajoba relocated to the United Kingdom in the year 2013 to study BEng (Hons) Electronics and Communications Engineering at the University of Woverhampton.

In the year 2017 Oluwajoba transformed Gospel Keys from being an ordinary blogger website to being a proper online store for high-quality Piano tutorials that are highly affordable 

Oluwajoba is a visionary and is very passionate about providing world-class Piano instruction for musicians around the world.

He enjoys creating content for the website, doing business and learning new things