Day: February 11, 2020

Improvisation Over Major 7th Chords

For the purpose of this lesson we will be making use of the C Major 7 chord, which is C E G B One technique about making good improvisations is coined from pairings… We are going to look at 3 pairings that will aid us in improvising over a CMajor7 chord First pair 1major 7 […]

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Devices In Improvisation

Passing Tones: These are the diatonic and chromatic steps between the essential tones. In a chord, diatonic notes are the passing tones. For example, a C Major triad which is C E G; the passing tones are be D F A and B. In a scale, the chromatic notes are the passing tones. For example, […]

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Deceptive Resolutions

The definition of functional harmony submits that dominant chords point towards tonic and that other chords progress to particular places that ultimately lead back to the tonic. While playing the piano we observe that progressions move in 2-5-1 mode A major 2-5-1 or A minor 2-5-1 Example let’s look at a Major ii-v-i in the […]

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